Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Before purchasing any of our products, please verify that any computer the raw data comes in contact with is safe and secure in terms of authorized personnel to use our products and that the computers are virus/malware free and secure in order to maintain data integrity and reduce the chance of any data leak.

You May:
Use the data for personal purposes.
Use the data internally within your company.
Integrate the data into an internal company software.
Publish statistics or visuals using the data, as long as any raw data is not available in any way.

You May Not:
Sell, publish, license, allow access, or give away the any of the purchased data in its current form or any other form.

Notify Us Immediately If:
You or your company has suspicion or reason to believe the data has been stolen, leaked, or accessed by a 3rd party.
Please note that we have placed a lead in each dataset that will enable us to know where a dataleak’s source is from should that event happen.

Chain Store Leads (Misar Industries LLC), and its partners reserve the right to pursue legal remedies against a customer who violates these terms. If you are unsure that your use of the data is appropriate or in accordance with these terms, please contact us with any questions.

Because of the digital nature of our products, they cannot be returned. There are no refunds on full products purchased. If you encounter a problem with your data, please contact us and we will try to resolve the problem.

If we are unable to resolve the problem, we will, however, offer a refund policy on parts of our data. This includes the mailing address in its entirety, phone number and email address included, all of which is found in the general contact information. To be eligible for the refund policy on parts of our data, the customer must submit proof of a “hard bounce” in the phone number, email address, or mailing address within 30 days of purchase. A hard bounce means the phone number is disconnected, the email address didn’t exist, and the mailing address was returned due a non-existent mailbox.

After reviewing your proof and beginning an investigation, if found in your favor, we will calculate the amount to be refunded by considering the total number of leads sold, total number of data of each type that was considered defective, and total number of data of each type that was considered correct.