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Simple and low cost ways to make a mall more desirable

There are a few ways to bring in more traffic and make your retail space or mall more desirable. Today, we are going to talk about a simple, low cost way to drive more traffic to your shopping center while keeping to a small budget. This article will explain how landscaping, planting trees, bushes, and other greens will boost your property’s appearance and build a warm and inviting atmosphere for customers and tenants to maintain awareness of your property.

Compare the two pictures attached to this post. As a customer, think which mall would you prefer to buy a few groceries at. FYI: These two malls are only located about half a mile from each other.

First you must consider where your mall is located.

For locations in a very urban or city area, here are some things you can do:
Around holiday seasons, hang up decorations to remain relevant. This means during Christmas you should hang up reefs and garlands along your building. On 4th of July, use flood lights with red white and blue shining on the building. On Halloween, project a scary pumpkin video on the side of your building. There are ways to get creative with little space, and store owners and mall owners who execute these tactics will see a larger customer base during these holidays and beyond.

For locations in a suburban and rural area, here are some things you can do:
In a suburban area, we generally have an area in front of the mall and we are fortunate enough to be able to use this extra space to our advantage. Customers are drawn to dark, green, luscious grass. If you have bald spots or yellow grass in front of your shopping center, I suggest installing a few sprinklers and putting some grass seed down. Customers see a well taken-care-of lawn and see vitality, which attracts customers in. This is a subconscious level observation, and Chain Store Leads has not yet done research on this, but it is in our pipeline.

Secondly, along with dark green full grass, add some mulch, trees, and bushes to attract even more customers. If you have dead bushes or trees, remove them immediately.

Thirdly, look at your siding. Is it outdated? Many new shopping centers will apply different faces to different storefronts. For example, one store will have a brick store front, one bluestone, the next all glass, etc. Modern shopping centers will do this to attract different tenants and beautify their property, therefore attracting higher quality tenants.

Lastly, think about the lighting you are using. Are all your bulbs working? Are they bright enough at night to keep intruders away? What lights are you using on your signs and how many lights are around the sides and back of your mall? Do you have a sufficient number of parking lot lights? If your customers do night shopping with your chain tenants, it’s important to have these systems are working well and provide a safe and inviting environment for your customers.

These are some ways to improve the attractiveness, vitality, and value of your mall or retail property. I hope this advice will help you in your endeavors. Please keep in mind of your local laws and zoning rules before making any changes. And as always, Chain Store Leads is happy to provide solutions for mall owners looking to fill an empty space with a new tenant with one of our lead generated packages.

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