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Customer Support

Free 24/7 customer email support. Have a question or comment? We are here anytime to help.

Niche Data

Chain Store Leads offers niche data that cannot be found anywhere else. We work hard and long hours to find this information for you and make your time the most efficient as possible.

Money Back Guarantee

Unlike our competitors, we’ll offer a money back guarantee on any email address, phone call, or mailing address that results in a hard bounce. See our “refunds” page to learn more.

Ethical Companies Only

Ethical companies only. As an ethical company that hosts its website on 100% green energy and offers fair pricing, we enjoy a sustainable customer base. Ethical companies with integrity last longer and will take better care of their responsibilities. If we find any information that makes us question that company’s intentions or morality, we simply won’t include them in our database.

Strict Criteria for Database Inclusion

We have very strict standards to include a chain or lead data in our database. Some of these filters would put our lead generation competitors out of business. 1) We only offer growing companies. If a company loses 10% of its total store count year over year, we’ll delete them. Why? This company would clearly not be interested in expanding – making them a useless lead. 2) Chains we offer must have 7 or more locations. Our research indicates 7 is the number of locations where a store is most likely to expand and where we can begin to define a chain.

And much much more!

Chain Store Leads also offers other services such as custom data and lead research, fixtures to update and modernize your mall to increase appeal, property suggestions to national chains, and so much more.
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