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Retail Tenants
Passing our strict criteria for inclusion.
Prime Email Addresses
Untapped by the lead generation market.
Phone & Mailing Addresses
Verified to corporate headquarters.
Development Hours
Updating and improving leads.

Super Fast Shipping

Chain Store Leads offers free two-day shipping of all electronic reports in a flashdrive.

Money Back Guarantee

100% money back guarantee on any lead information that results in a hard bounce.
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Strict Company Criteria

We filter thousands of retail tenants out so you don’t waste your time or money. Our minimum location count per retail chain is 7 – more than anyone else.

Awesome Support

We are available with 24/7 email support to help with any problems you may have.

Chain Store Leads is the solution to finding growing retail tenants for your retail property.

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We help you find retail tenants by state.

Competitive Edge: Real Estate Contacts By State For Retail Tenants

Chain Store Leads works hard to offer its customers real estate contacts for your specific state. These retail tenant contacts, admittedly hard to obtain, are invaluable for making our product great. This is something none of our competitors do. We put fourth our best efforts to add real estate state contacts to our retail tenant directory & database and offer you the best contact. Please Note: Most chains do not offer real estate state contacts, and most often, chains will only offer a general contact - which we will always include.

Best Demographic & Real Estate Data

In addition to our state contact competitive edge, we also look for other features and real estate requirements of retail tenants. This may include a daily traffic count, population radius, median household income, minimum and maximum square footage, frontage requirement, endcap preference, mall style preference, etc. If a chain offers this information, we include it in our database.
Compatable Data
.csv files included so you'll be optimized for other software like Salesforce.
Useful Data for Anyone Electronic Excel Documents, Word Reports and Hardcopy + Salesforce compatable (.csv)

See our samples below to know what to expect.
Anyone can use our data, offered in both PDF and .CSV format.

Ethical Retail Tenants Only

As we find you the retail tenants, we filter out any chains that we feel may be unethical.
What does this mean? Your tenants will attract more customers overtime and will be a responsible guest of your property.
Retail Tenants with Integrity last Longer.
Find Your Perfect Retail Tenant

Not convinced? There's all this too:

We only Include Growing Retail Tenants.
If a chain loses more than 10% of its locations year over year, we filter it out.
This means you're only paying for companies interested in expanding.
List of retail tenants
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Key Features

There are so many reasons to choose Chain Store Leads, here are a few:

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